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Our Specialists Give This Granite Countertop in Spring Hill the Best Stone Polishing Service

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November 25, 2023

A homeowner in Spring Hill, TN, was well acquainted with all that goes into maintaining granite and stone surfaces. She had the most beautiful granite counter covering a large expanse of her kitchen area, which usually served as her workspace in the early stages of cooking. As such, the counter usually was the resting place of different food products and drinks, so the homeowner had made a habit of cleaning its surface much more often than other parts of the house. Sadly, her efforts didn't prevent the gradual deterioration of the granite as the flat surface started accumulating etch marks that hid most of its shine.

Granite Countertop Before and After a Stone Polishing in Spring Hill
The situation was far from ideal, but the homeowner kept her head on her shoulders. She knew that granite surfaces needed to be polished regularly, so she went online looking for companies that could take care of it. She found Sir Grout Nashville on her first try and became more confident the more she read about our Stone Polishing in Spring Hill. Not long after, the homeowner had already contacted our specialists via our website's "Schedule a Free Quote" button.

As per her request, our techs went to her house a few days later to conduct an in-home evaluation of the stone counter. Once inside the kitchen, they evaluated every inch of the flat surface, noting how the marks on the stone dimmed its shine even when it was touched by the sunlight coming from the windows. They explained to the homeowner that granite's porous surface can become severely damaged by the repeated use of acidic cleaners. These products open the stone's pores, prompt discoloration, and deteriorate the surface little by little. Luckily, the counter hadn't been exposed to too many harsh chemicals, so it could regain its natural beauty after being properly polished and sealed. With this information, the homeowner didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment for the restoration.

Our specialists returned to her house later that week. They began the restoration process with a thorough stone cleaning service, soaking the surface with a pH-neutral cleaner and scrubbing off the loose dirt that had been stuck to the corners around the sink. Our product combines the most effective ingredients to remove mold, spills, soil, and other stains without putting a strain on the stone's delicate surface. It simplifies cleaning while enhancing the granite's beauty despite all the effects of wear and tear.

Now that the countertop was ready for the next part of the process, our specialists started honing the flat surface with three sets of diamond pads. They increased the pads' level of grit as they saw the results on the stone until the granite was entirely free of etch marks. Then, they polished the surface with special powders to bring the stone from a matte finish to the natural shine that makes granite stand out even from a distance.

Afterward, our specialists applied a coat of Stone Armor to preserve the countertop's shiny, smooth appearance. Our sealant preserves natural stone against external elements, from dirt to UV rays. It works as the perfect protection against all the stains that homeowners risk leaving behind while working in the kitchen.

When the restoration was over, our specialists called the customer into the kitchen to evaluate the results. She was amazed by the countertop's beautiful shine and thanked our specialists repeatedly for doing such an excellent job.

To the client's immense delight, our specialists offered various practical recommendations to simplify the maintenance of her countertop. They recommended not using generic cleaners and soap-based formulas as they risk more damage without providing a thorough cleaning job. pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the quickest and safest way to clean all kitchen surfaces without prompting new stains down the line. Because our product has no harsh ingredients in its formula, homeowners can use it as often as they want without endangering the people around them. To prevent the spread of mold and mildew, our specialists recommended opening the windows and to avoid leaving spills and water drops sitting on the surface for too long. Lastly, they warned against using steel wools and other abrasive tools that could leave scratch marks on the granite, and the client confirmed that she always stuck to using towels or a clean terry cloth to wipe the stains away.

Your stone surfaces deserve the best restoration surfaces to look their best for years. Sir Grout Nashville offers the best cleaning, polishing, and sealing services by the hand of the most knowledgeable professionals in Spring Hill, TN. If you have trouble with the maintenance of natural stone surfaces, come to us to get the ultimate solution. You can call (615) 649-6767 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button on our website. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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