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Our Stone Cleaning Crew Revived This Beautiful Travertine Floor in Arrington

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June 09, 2024

Bathroom floors are known for collecting a lot of dirt in little time, and, for all their beauty, travertine surfaces are just as vulnerable when it comes to the effects of wear and tear. A couple in Arrington, TN, had spent weeks trying to scrub off the embedded dirt on the floor of the hallway bathroom. Dark brown stains covered the entire travertine surface, catching the attention of anyone who entered the room.

Travertine Floor Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Arrington, TN
While they were both eager to find a solution, the couple agreed that they shouldn't rush to try new products on the floor. They decided to start looking for stone restoration companies online, so it was easy for them to find Sir Grout Nashville. The couple took their time reading as much as they could about our stone cleaning service in Arrington until they felt ready to get in touch with our crew. After a quick phone call, our agent answered all their questions, and the couple had set a date for an in-home evaluation.

At their convenience, our specialists arrived at their house a few days later and the couple welcomed them in right after seeing our vehicle pull up in front of their home. Our techs inspected the floor very meticulously, checking every tile for cracks and other signs of damage. Their evaluation also included the grout lines on the floor, so they quickly confirmed that the sealant had faded from the porous surface.

Unfortunately, bleach and soap-based cleaners only make the dirt seep into the porous surface, and their harsh ingredients won't do the stone any favors after repeated use. Our specialists knew how to deal with the issue without risking more damage to the travertine floor, so they outlined the process for the couple, describing the importance of sealing these porous surfaces. The homeowners were thankful for our techs' professionalism and impressed by their knowledge, so they were both on the same page about what to do next.

As scheduled at the end of the first visit, our experts returned before the end of the week for the restoration. They prepared the area and soaked the floor with a stone-safe cleaner that got the dirt loose in minutes. Then, they ran a high-speed scrubber on the entire surface to eliminate all the residue.

By that point, the travertine tiles had regained much of their former beauty. It was time to restore the grout, so our crew carefully used Sir Grout's signature ColorSeal to restore its original color. Our sealant not only is available in multiple shades to match any layout; it also works as a barrier to prevent new stains on the surface, repelling mold, mildew, liquids, grime, soil, and more.

Our techs buffed the floor with stone sealant to ensure the same protection as the tiles, making several laps across the bathroom until the entire travertine surface had the most beautiful glow. Needless to say, the homeowners were delighted when they saw the result, stating that they made the right choice when trusting our techs' expertise.

While putting away their equipment, our experts went over some additional cleaning pointers. Here's what they recommended: Since traditional cleaners are more likely to keep the dirt on the grout pores, we recommend trying pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product cleans high-traffic surfaces in much less time, and its ingredients won't pose a threat to your travertine tiles. Our product is all you need to remove large amounts of grime, mold, and soil, so you never have to expose natural stone surfaces to chemical elements when you have the cleaning power of our pH-neutral cleaner. As our techs explained, the right tools will simplify the work after our product gets the dirt loose on the surface. We recommend using a clean mop, a towel, or a terry cloth to avoid damaging the travertine over time.

Lastly, our crew reminded the client to open the windows and doors for a few hours every day. Fresh air is important for the hygiene of your home and it reduces the chances of mold between the grout. This way, all your hard work won't be undone by the effects of moisture buildup.

If you want to provide the best care for your natural stone surfaces, Sir Grout Nashville can help you along the way. We bring a thorough cleaning and restoration method to revamp all your hard surfaces, so you can trust our skills when it comes to the maintenance of travertine, marble, and other hard surfaces inside your house. You can call (615) 649-6767 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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