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Learn How Our Stone Cleaning Service Helped Eliminate Strong Pet Odors in this House in Murfreesboro, TN

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October 05, 2017

Having a pet can be one of the joys of life. A furry friend can always bring us comfort, lift our spirits and make the family just a tad happier every day. But, if there is one downside that should be mentioned, it is that you will have to brace yourself for the odors to come. Male dogs and cats are known to be quite territorial, which means they might mark random areas of your house with urine to assert their dominion. Even if you are continuously bathing your pets, it can be tedious and unnerving to find that there is always someplace in your home that has that distinctive ammonia-ridden scent.

Picture of a Stone Cleaning Service in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Our latest client was having trouble with pet odors at an inconvenient time. She wanted to put her home on the market because the family wanted to move, but when the realtor agent came to check on the property, he noticed a very strong odor in her house. The house pet was a male cat—their urine is notorious for having a stringent odor that is impossible to ignore, especially in closed environments. Worse, she had already tried diligently to rid the floor of the smell, but no matter what kind of detergent or soap she used, her travertine floor always smelled the way a house for sale shouldn't smell. This was the reason why her realtor strongly recommended finding a Murfreesboro stone cleaning service to see what could be done before showing it.

On her own, our client decided to do some research on hard surface restoration companies in the Murfreesboro area. She went on the Internet, and using a popular search engine, looked up some companies; among them was Sir Grout Nashville. She decided to choose us the moment she checked our credentials and testimonials, seeing we are quite experienced in restoring and cleaning most types of stone floors. Hoping we could rid her floors of the stench, she called and set up a free in-home evaluation.

On the scheduled day, Sir Grout Nashville arrived to take a look at the problem and offer the best solution. Once our technician got to the problematic section of the floor and was able to examine it, he concluded that the urine might have seeped into the floor's wax. This could be solved by stripping the floor and then performing a stone cleaning service. Trusting our technician's advice, our client agreed to the service.

When the time came to do the job, our trained technician got ready for some labor-intensive restoration work. He first started by using a floor stripper solution to break the wax covering the travertine tiles. Once the wax was sufficiently broken, he used floor scrapers to remove all of the wax and other residues. The process needs to be painstakingly meticulous, as all wax must be removed for odors to truly disappear. With the wax completely removed and vacuumed, our technicians got to work on the travertine floor by spraying a stone-appropriate cleaner over the floor, letting it sit for a while and then using a high-speed scrubber. At last, he wet-vacuumed the floor to remove all waste and then buffed it a bit for a final touch.

Once the job was finished, he brought the client back into the room to see if she could smell anything resembling a foul stench, but all she could perceive was a fresh, clean aroma. She thanked our expert, telling him she would definitely keep Sir Grout Nashville in mind if she ever found herself in a similar predicament.

Before and After Pictute of a Stone Cleaning Service
Cleaning pet odors can be tricky, especially if your pet spends a great deal of time unsupervised. To prevent the urine seepage in your floors, make sure to seal them properly. The best thing you can do besides this is to clean urine up completely and as soon as possible with an appropriate cleaner and a clean mop. If you have floors tiled with natural stone, make sure that the cleaner is designed specifically for that type of stone, otherwise you could unintentionally etch it.

If you have tried every trick in the book but still can't get rid of pet odors, consider hiring professional stone cleaners like Sir Grout Nashville. You can contact us by calling (615) 649-6767 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" formulary. Consider also subscribing to our newsletter to get access to our latest promotions.

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